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Have a writing project you're dreading working on? Maybe you want to write a book or rewrite all of your content on your site? I know how daunting taking on such a huge writing task can be and want to help minimize not only your dread around it, but also the work you have to do for it. Getting this project off your to-do list doesn't have to mean you're banging your head against the wall!

With this package, I take care of it all. You hand me some ideas on what you want the content to be about and I get to work! By the end, you'll have some dazzingly branded content ready to be published and shared with the world. 

Projects qualifying for this package

  • blog posts
  • newsletters
  • press releases
  • speeches
  • ebooks
  • courses
  • video transcripts
  • books / novels
  • website content
  • landing page copy

Projects generally have a two - three month turnaround time. They are anywhere from 700 - 60,000 words, depending on the type of project.