Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

Social media plays a pretty big role in business. If you don’t believe me, just google social media for business. Trust me, you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of articles, videos, and podcasts wanting to give you information on how to use social media the “right” way. While YouTube doesn’t fall into the big 4 categories of social media, it is still a very useful platform, especially since videos have such a huge impact on one’s business.

While YouTube may not be a place to increase your network, it can be a platform to increase your authority and help you gain more clients. If you’ve been interested in setting up a YouTube channel, then follow these steps. Even if you aren’t interested in setting up a channel to create videos, I would set one up anyways. There is a ton of information available on YouTube, plus if you ever get interested in doing so later, you already have a platform set up for you.

Let’s set it up so you can get started recording and expanding your audience. We need to start from the beginning. It’s the very best place to start. The first thing you need to have is a Gmail account. Whether you use this account or not, you need one to do anything on YouTube. I can’t imagine many people not having Gmail, at least personally, since it’s such a great email platform. Click here to set one up.

Once you have your account set up, click the square with 9 boxes in it, in the top right hand corner. Either click the YouTube play icon or click more and scroll down until you are able to see it.


You will be moved to the YouTube landing page, with a blue notification bar at the top saying “You are now registered with YouTube.” To actually set up the ability to record and publish videos, you need to click “My Channel” in the top left hand menu.

A menu will pop out asking you to fill out the name of your channel and agree to the terms of service. You can’t create a YouTube channel if you don’t agree to the terms of service. So, agree to them. You can change your channel name, but I’d stick with something along the lines of your business name or your personal name. You want your ideal audience to be able to find you.

Customize Your Channel

Your channel name’s been decided. Now it’s time to give your channel a description. Figure out what you want your channel to be about. Is it going to be supplementing and supporting your business content? If so, make sure to add your business website and name in the description box. Add what type of content you’re going to be filming, how often, and when you’re going to be posting.

Add your head shot to the head shot area. You want people to know who you are and that they can find you there. I know it can be tempting to add your company’s logo because you aren’t a fan of your head shot, but trust me, people will get to know you and your face. It's going to be on camera anyways! May as well get used to it! Use your personal head shot in this spot. Next step is to add your channel art work. This can be something you outsource and get someone else to create or you can create it yourself. Check out for a free and easy graphic design software. No matter what you choose, the size of the artwork needs to be 2560 by 1440 pixels.

Ready, Set, Record!

You’re all set. Figure out when you want to publish all of these videos and go from there. You may want to start out with one video a month, until you can figure out how to edit and get a workflow together. You may or may not want to edit your videos when you first start out. I’m starting to learn how to get my videos edited and include a fancy smanshy new introduction to each video. Keep an eye out on my upcoming videos.

Have fun with this! It’s not supposed to be just another item on your to-do list. It’s not supposed to be something you do just because everybody else says you need to. If you don’t enjoy doing video, then don’t do it! There are a tremendous amount of other ways to increase your business audience. You don’t have to rely on YouTube to do it. Record videos because it’s something you enjoy. Do it because it’s something you want to create.

Don’t be afraid to be silly or show your mistakes. The best YouTube channels are the real ones. The ones that aren’t perfect in every shape and form. The ones that we can connect with on an audience level. Don’t spend all of your time trying to get your videos perfect. Spend your time getting the content you are sharing as good as you can. Spend your time having fun and enjoying your time in front of your camera.

Have you been wanting to start a YouTube Channel? What would it be about? Comment below!