Trello for Business

To get the most benefit out of this blog post, go sign up for Trello. Even if you’re hesitant, sign up for it. Even if you love Asana or Basecamp or something else, sign up for Trello. Why? Trello is free. If you decide after going through this post and playing around with the software a bit you still hate it, you can delete it and all you lost was about 30 minutes of your time, if that.

Why Trello?

I believe that everyone can benefit from using Trello. I don’t believe that it is the best or that it is the only software anyone will ever need, but I do wholeheartedly believe that everyone can benefit in some way or another from using this.

Trello offers the amazing ability to actually visualize everything that you have going on. There are lists and color coding and a million other things you can do with it. If that turns out to be too much, you can use it at it’s basic function - a place to hold multiple lists to refer back to. It’s a very simple software. If you need proof, my boss who is in her 50’s and is not tech savvy in any way uses and adores Trello!

While paper planners and notebooks serve the same function, I suggest using both. Not because I want to cause you to work twice as hard, rewriting the same list twice, but because Trello has a phone application that allows you to reference and use it anytime, unlike having to have a notebook with you.

How To Use Trello

I recorded a very impromptu video training of how to set up your Trello account and ways to use it for one of my networking groups. I am linking it here because I think everyone should have the chance to watch it.

When you start using Trello, it can be adapted to keep track of personal things, wedding planning, buying or renovating a house, even researching buying a car. There are so many amazing ways to use this software that I can’t stop gushing about it! It can be the software you need to get your whole life organized in terms of your to-do list.

Business on Trello

I use Trello to make my life easier. Since I have a day job where I coordinate with multiple people who are in and out of the office at different times, I can add and update tasks on Trello, as well as ask questions. I also use this for my business and clients.

I set up a team for my business. In that team, I have multiple boards for different areas of my business. I have a main board, which houses my to-do lists, my mission and my virtues, and any notes that I am interested in. My next board is called Me & My Big Goals, which is modelled after BohoBerry’s trello board.

Next, we have my editorial calendar board. In this one, I have lists for my blog post ideas, posts that have been outlined, posts written, posts scheduled, social media scheduled, and published posts. I am struggling with my next board, so if you have any recommendations, please comment below!

I want to have a client board. I don’t know if I should have a board for each client or if it’s okay to have one board that each client can review and check into. My thought process is that if I have one board then my clients will know exactly what is going on with my work and know where they are in the line up. At the same time, I don’t want to make it seem like I am favoring one client over another and I definitely don’t want the subject of money or conflict of interest to be brought up. Let me know what you think!

Back to Business

I’ve been using all of these boards to keep me on track. Not only have I been able to keep track of where I am in terms of projects, but I have been able to get so much done since starting to use Trello regularly. I’ve been on top of my editorial calendar. More blog posts have been going out - more consistently than ever before! I’ve been able to guest post on more blogger’s sites and start to truly build an audience.

When I start to introduce products and build a team, I can easily add them to each and every one of the boards that I need them on. They can then start taking things off of my plate and jump right in without needing too much guidance. I can even use a board to manage the onboarding process of these team members! How awesome is that?


Before I go, I did want to throw a little tip out there to everyone struggling with finances and budgeting. I know that’s a lot of you - especially people in/right out of college. It was difficult to manage our finances when we had just moved in together and were struggling to get everything in order. The best thing we’ve ever done for our finances is set up a Trello board.

In this Trello board, I have lists for things that I want to do and things I need my fiance to do. I also have a list for all of our debts and keeping track of how far we’ve come. The important list I want you to focus on is the one called finances. We listed all of our bills, along with the due date of each month, and how much that bill is monthly.

Then we label them with a red color. This means it’s unpaid. Then, during the month, when we pay the bill, we change the color to green. This gives us a clear picture of what we have paid, when we need to pay, and how to manage our paychecks. Try it out! There are so many creative and amazing ways to use Trello to benefit your life.

Are you planning on trying out Trello now?

What are you most excited about?