Colors of my Bookcase: Total Money Makeover


Hello Bright and Happy People and welcome back to another installment of the Colors of my Bookcase! I'm really excited for this series. Its been a lot of fun and has definitely rekindled my love for reading. Anyone else here ever get caught with a book and a flash light under their blankets when they should have been sleeping? I wanted to get back to that kind of passion about books and have forced myself to start reading. Its been great to really get back to the written word and not have to look at the computer screen.

Anyways, onward with today's book! This book is more of a "How-To" guide to change your money habits and do well with your money so that later on you can live with no monthly payments from anything (student loans AND the house included) This book isn't my normal style of books I read. Normally I either read business books or fiction books. I love going through both types of books and picking lessons that I've learned from everything that's happened. This book isn't necessarily like that. There really isn't anything that "happened" that I can make a lesson and learn from. 

However, don't mistake my lack of lesson creating as displeasure. I enjoyed this book. It was good to get a different genre, but overall Dave Ramsey is a good writer. He knows how to drive his point home - mostly by repeating it over and over. He also knows how to motivate the reader. When I started the book, I was ready to get rid of debt and figure out a way to control my money. I took some steps, but never really fully committed to it. There were times when reading his book that I would actually have to put the book down and try to start implementing some of the strategies and ideas that he introduced. 

Dave sprinkles in some testimonials from people who have gone through and completed or worked through most of his strategies. He lets you really feel what it would be like if you followed all of his advice and really completed a Total Money Makeover. I found myself ready to sell anything and everything in my house to start getting close to having that feeling. I've been wanting to increase my financial and money knowledge for years. After reading this, I've found that I just need to work with my money more to truly increase my knowledge. 

I learned that not only is being debt free possible, but it is also a goal that everyone should have! A goal that everyone should take active steps for each day. I have learned a lot of things from this book, but the best one that I will always fall back on is Dave's mantra "Live like no one else so that later you can live like no one else."

To buy Dave Ramsey's book, click below.

The The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

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