Summer Declutter


Hello my Bright and Happy People! My last post was all about my summer goals and what I hoped to get done this summer. I am going to start with the de-clutter summer goal and really debug this thing. I want to enjoy spending time in my house and having people over. I need to get rid of a lot of things and clean others to be able to do that.

I have implemented a weekly cleaning schedule. I actually wrote this schedule up a few months ago but I never really did anything with it. The tasks would just sit there. I'd feel guilty about not doing them and anxious that I couldn't check them off. I actually stopped paying attention to the schedule and gave up on it. Well lately, I have been having a hard time keeping up with the cleaning as I am working a lot more (summer has a lot more hours doesn't it?) and I finally got fed up with everything being a mess all the time. I decided to start actually using my cleaning schedule. I have been sticking to the tasks. If I miss a task for the day, I make sure to do it the next day. My house is now cleaner and more organized. I am actually enjoying spending more time in it. I still have a lot way to go, but we're making progress!

For those of you who are interested, here is my cleaning schedule:

Monday - dishes (including putting them away), wipe down the cupboards (no insulation+lots of grease=dirty/sticky cupboards), wipe count 

Tuesday - Ollie's bath (my dog), organize my containers so that they fit properly again, clean out and wipe my refrigerator and freezer

Wednesday - Laundry, put away laundry, organize my pantry, clear off/clean tables

Thursday - vacuum, clean up my living room, meal prep for the rest of the week, clear off desks

Friday - Clean up bedroom, wipe down and organize the bathroom, file any papers, and update scrapbooks

Saturday - Sweep and Mop the floors

Sunday - Laundry, put away laundry and meal prep

I will also be going through each area - living room, desks, file cabinets, closets, bedroom, and bathroom - and cleaning everything out. My game plan is simple. For every two weeks, I tackle one area. I already went through the desks as it was causing me some serious anxiety. I threw away a lot and actually feel very liberated. I am planning on starting on the living room and finishing that up by the end of June. July will be kitchen, the closets, and the bedroom. Since the bedroom will take the first week of August, starting that second week, I will be tackling my file cabinets and then finishing up with the bathroom. I will end my summer (school doesn't start until September 21st for me) by keeping up with the cleaning schedule, deep cleaning our carpets, and starting to upgrade our furniture and decorations. 

Are you working on some type of summer declutter?