Summer Goals


Hello my Bright and Happy People and welcome to SUMMER!!!! A time for fun, frolic, and epic laziness. I love all of the free time that summer brings with it. I love to be able to watch all the TV I want without feeling the nagging guilt of not doing school work. What I most love about the summer is the fact that I can create and work on projects that I've had in mind for awhile and actually have time to work on them!! I am able to set goals and not run around with my head cut off when I don't get the time to work on them. My summer has just started since we finish school in the middle of June. I wanted to give you all my goals for this summer. 

-Start a Youtube channel: I have already gotten started on this, but I want to start posting on the channel consistently so I have a lot of work to do to get this ready.

-Redo Scrapbooks: I want to organize my scrapbooks and get everything that I was going to put in there actually in there and off of my desk.

-Update files: I am starting to scan everything into Evernote and I want to get rid of as much paper as I possible can. 

-Reorganize/restructure kitchen: I have been wanting to do this for quite sometime, but never really had the time to do so. Now I can get our meal plans and meal prepping system to go even faster and easier. 

-Visit one museum: I live in San Diego and have never even walked through Balboa Park. This is not okay and I want to correct this situation.

-Decorate home: If we don't decide to move at the end of the summer, I will probably start going all out with the house. I want to live a bit more seasonally and make the house feel happy and bright and in sync.

-Declutter/organize home: Our house is full a bunch of stuff that we really don't need and that I just keep throwing from one place to another. I want to get rid of anything and everything that we don't have a use for and doesn't have a big sentimental value.

-Try all fruits and vegetables: I want to expand my meal choices and this is the best way that I know how. If you have any ideas on how to go about this, I would love your suggestions! Comment below.

-Clean carpets: This is along the lines of streamlining our house and just making everything look better. We live in an apartment and the carpets get a lot of traffic everyday and so this is going to be a great project to accomplish.

-Organize craft supplies: I actually started this the other day. The amount of craft supplies I have accumulated since January is actually truly surprising. I want to make sure that I can keep track of stuff that I have so I can use it all and not feel so overwhelmed and stuffy.

-Read 15 books: I have always loved reading. I take notes on what I'm reading and then write out the lessons that I've learned from it. I want to get back into reading for myself, instead of having to read boring things for school.

-Have a bonfire: Again, living in San Diego, I need to get out more! We have had a few bonfires at Fiesta Island, but there's nothing like a summer bonfire with friends. I want to make sure that we get out there and make some memories this summer.

-Reorganize notes/binders: I have all of my notes from books, courses, and articles that I've read in binders in my house. I also have articles and Ebooks that I've printed out. I want to also get these scanned into my Evernote account so that I can get rid of paper that I really don't need.

I will be posting updates on all of these goals on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds. I'd love for you to shout me out if you haven't seen any updates in awhile! 

What are your goals for the summer?