Crafting Social Media Bios

In most cases, your social media profiles are the first pieces of content your audience sees from you. It’s where they go to find out more information on who you are, what you do, and if they’re interested in you. If you’ve read or watched anything from Melyssa Griffin or literally any other Instagram influencer, then you know the last six photos you’ve posted are what represents your brand, but there’s something else I want to call your attention to. If you didn’t notice, your profile is also a big deal when it comes to your audience finding you.

Your audience reads your biography, they look at your profile picture, they check out your name, and then they decide whether or not they want to click that link in your profile. If you have been living under a rock, you may not know this, but social media is incredibly important when it comes to building a business and trying to market your product or service. You need your social media profiles to be as complete and seamless as possible across all platforms. Check out my post a couple weeks ago about your social media profiles.

Crafting Your Bio

This post is all about crafting a biography that correctly represents who you are and what you do. Your biography should literally have who you are, what you do, who your ideal clients are, and a call to action. It’s super simple to do but can seem daunting if you have no idea how to go about doing it.

I’ll show you how I crafted my biography. I’m a copywriter. That satisfies the who I am part. I write blog posts, newsletters, and website content, which satisfies the ‘what I do’ part. To address who my ideal clients are, I work primarily with creative business owners. I work with other types of clients too, but for the way I work and my personality type, I work best with creatives who are building their business.

Now, put it all together! I’m a copywriter for seriously stressed out business owners, specializing in blog posts, newsletters, and website content. If you have room, you can add a call to action, saying something like “click the link below for more info!” Let’s check out another example!

Another Example

This is my business friend’s, Ashley Cox from SproutHR, Instagram profile. She is a whiz at anything dealing with Human Resources, the policies and procedures a business needs to have, and how to deal with employees or bosses in a professional and personable way! I love the biography she includes in her profile because it showcases who she is and what she’s all about.

First off, She’s an HR Partner. She isn’t an HR Representative or your HR Consultant. She’s your partner. She’s there to help you and make all your troubles regarding HR go away. How reassuring and pleasant is that?! Next, she’s there for creatives. Her ideal audience is creative people! How easy is it to figure out who she’s wanting to work with?

The next part is my favorite: Hire, Train + Lead a Thriving Team. She is literally telling you what she helps you with. She makes it even simpler for you - she tells you how you’re going to benefit from working with her: sprout - nourish - thrive. She goes on to say what her specialty is - helping you ‘Grow your team in 2017 with a custom people plan.’ Do you see that sneaky downwards arrow at the end? That’s her call to action! Click the link!

Your Turn!

Try it out. The great thing about social media is that you can edit it if you ever change your mind! If you find better words or end up going a different route, you can always change your biography. Just make sure when you change it on one, you change the rest as well. This isn’t hard to do, you just need to get it done. It will literally take you about ten minutes if you really focus on it.

If you are truly anxious about writing it, have a friend look over what you’ve got so far or contact me and I can help you write it out. Just get it done. Literally, go to your calendar and clear out the rest of your day to use Part 1 and Part 2 of this Social Media Handbook Series and get it all together! Once you finish crafting your bio, make sure to change it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Periscope and whatever other social media channel you use.