Rebranding - new services


Hello my Bright and Happy People! Today is a pretty great day isn't it? I wanted to talk to you about this very hectic and chaotic week. Starting Monday - maybe it was Sunday, but for time's sake we are going with Monday - I decided that I want to start offering services on my site. I decided that because I am going to start offering these services that I should rebrand and that I should figure out some brilliant new name for my business that will not only be fun and kind of quirky (which is my personality), but also professional and something that I would be proud to hear announced over a loud speaker at a large convention. 

You still following me? Monday (still, probably Sunday) - decided I wanted to rebrand to something fun, yet professional. Now, onto Tuesday: I was trying to think of different names and figure out how I was going to afford a total rebrand and all of that. I did some free consultations to determine my system for dealing with clients. I was super nervous, but had a lot of fun. I was a bit stressed out by the amount of work that I needed to put in to rebrand, but was excited to really get started.

Wednesday came and I had to do my first reschedule with a client. My dog then decided to get into my trash can and drag trash through the kitchen, around the couch, and across my living room. After that, I received a notification from my leasing office, offering us a resigning of our lease - at $200 more than what we pay right now. Then I found out that I actually had a late fee from the leasing office because their system didn't process our payment fast enough. 

Thursday morning came and I awoke to find out that I had slept through TWO consultations. Again, these were free consultations, but I felt really bad. Combine that with everything that happened the day before and I was just in a foul mood all day long. There have been other personal issues relating to health within my family before all of this and I just was not happy about any of it. I ended up breaking down and just crying over everything. I was frustrated, mad, confused, and so stressed because I had so much to do, but I felt like I would never get any of it done. 

Still following along? Monday - rebrand; Tuesday - consultations and name brainstorming; Wednesday - rescheduling client, dog got into trash, bill increase, and late fee; Thursday - missed 2 meetings, bad mood, break down. Friday came and I woke up in a great mood, really sat down and focused on figuring everything out. I decided that I wouldn't do a complete rebrand; I would just do a brand extension.

What the heck is a brand extension Kaylee? Well I'm glad you asked. A brand extension may be a thing that already exists or it may be something that I completely made up - I really have no idea - but it is where you have an existing brand (Bright Colors Happy Things) and you add on a new brand (KayNicole Solutions) and they are run by the same people, compliment each other, and are basically one company with two names.

Bright Colors Happy Things will be this blog and all of my social media. It will be the "sub-domain" and will continue to bring happiness to people's lives by helping small businesses figure out just what the heck "marketing" is and how to actually "market" to their ideal clients. KayNicole Solutions with be the "main domain" and will be my services based business. I will be offering marketing strategy plan creation, social media management, account set up and streamlining, system automation, and blog management. The two domains will be linked on the same website and you can reach them both by either typing in or KayNicole Solutions and the services that are associated with it will officially be launching August 1st. In the meantime, please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or are interested in any of my services.


Here is a video of me explaining everything if you don't want to read all of that. :)