Rebranding + Why I Failed


Hello all you lovely Bright and Happy people! I'm sure you are all having just the best of days, but if you are not, then today may not be the best day to read this. See, I'm going to talk about one of my so-called 'failures' that I have experienced with this blogging/business thing that I'm doing. I want to be transparent in my journey and therefore, we are going to take a look at my 'failure,' why it ended up being one, and why I'm actually happier because it ended this way. Let's get started!

For those of you who have been following along since the beginning - like January, then you probably remember that my blog took a few transformations for me to truly be happy with it. I went from Blogger to Blogher to to and finally, to SquareSpace. This was all within a month or two, so a lot of change was happening at the time. I finally found a layout and a platform that I truly liked and enjoyed. I was able to blog for a couple of months without trying to completely change my entire base of the blog. 

That was the end of May. Then came the start of June. I have always wanted to work with clients. I have always wanted a product. I had no idea what kind or what I wanted to do, but I knew that I wanted to work and help people. If you remember, I started a brownie business before this - I even wrote a post on it - and I couldn't figure out how to get the word out. I knew that other business owners were probably going through what I did and I wanted to help them. I decided on offering marketing strategy coaching and to start working on a couple of eBooks and products centered around marketing. 

I had really no experience other than my own in marketing. I wanted to create a system to help my clients and I wanted to make sure that I could actually help them. I offered free services in exchange for a testimonial to a couple of people in one of the Facebook groups I'm a part of. I ended up with 8 free clients and was ready to roll. I worked with them, had a few Google Hangout calls with them all, and ended up sending them their marketing strategy plans. It took me about two months to get through all of them. This was in July.

Starting August 1st, I made my new services page and started to try to move my brand into the rebranding stage. I changed my Facebook name, starting using my new brand in my email signature, and even got my invoices changed over. However, nothing seemed to sit right with me. After agonizing over the new name for three days straight, I was still not set on it. Everyone I talked to about it said that it was the best to have your own name as the business name, especially when coaching. While I liked that idea, I couldn't shake the feeling that it still wasn't truly me. I just wasn't comfortable with it. So at the beginning of September, I took down my services page and decided to truly recommit to blogging. 

School has started and I have yet to commit to a set blogging schedule. I have reposted my services page, but have taken out any mention of my aforementioned attempted rebrand. I tried to make myself into KayNicole Solutions when all along I've always been Bright Colors Happy Things and I always will be. I still will be taking on clients, focusing more on Virtual Assistance since I can help others do things they don't have time for, but I have been honest with myself and decided that no matter what I decided to offer or do next, it must stay in line with my brand identity. It must be a part of Bright Colors Happy Things.