Pre-Write Project Review


Alright my Bright and Happy people, I'm here to talk to you about Kristen from She's Novel and her amazing Pre-Write Project. You know that I recently found the NaNoWriMo challenge and am currently participating in it and you know that I used Kristen's brilliant project to help me prepare for it. (If you don't know all of that, check out this post to find out all about it.) I want to give you an in-depth look at the amazingness that this brilliant woman has produced.

The Pre-Write Project

This project is mainly to help you work on getting your research, outline, and background ready before you actually start writing. It's meant to be a five day schedule of answering questions, developing character backgrounds, and collecting all of the research that you could need for your novel. Kristen is also so nice that she includes a free three bonus days to help you really narrow the setting and world your novel takes place in. How amazing is she?

Anywho, with all of this amazingness, you're probably thinking 'That's great, Kaylee, but since it's such a great product and Kristen provides us with so much, it's probably going to be a chunk of money and I just don't have that right now. I haven't made any money because I haven't sold my book because I haven't written my book because I haven't pre-written my book and I just don't think it's going to happen.' If you're actually saying that, then I have two things to say to you:

1. You're making excuses to put off writing what I'm sure is an amazing novel because you're scared. I'm in the middle of writing a novel too! I'm scared too! However, that is no reason for you to put off writing this amazing piece of work. Stop making excuses and get to work!

2. This product is only $7! Can you believe that?! Kristen is offering this amazing project for all of us writers and people who don't think they're a writer, but want to write a book (Hint: this means you're actually a writer) for only $7. This isn't a special deal or something that is happening only for a little while either. She actually priced this brilliant and valuable offering at $7. I think you should take it.

Writing a Novel

I've only ever written one novel before the NaNoWriMo challenge and like I said, it wasn't to pretty. However, with the Pre-Write Project, I am now more excited than ever to be able to get the ball rolling. The best part  is that I can print this workbook out over and over and over again, each time I start to work on a new novel. While it's mainly geared towards fiction writers, it can be tailored to non-fiction writers. 

Now that we have officially started writing and that I've gotten a few chapters into my story, things have actually started running smoothly. I know what is happening to my characters, I know who they are, and I know how the story is going to go. I am able to craft a story that I am proud of, because it actually makes sense. There's no loose ends, bad endings, or even a half-baked theory. I am able to fully flush out and write everything that I have ever thought about or conceived of and make it plausible and exciting. 

My Thoughts

If you are hoping to improve your writing skills or you actually want to become a writer, then I think you should purchase this. It's the cost of two coffees at Starbucks (they're so expensive!) and I think that if you really want this, then it is worth it. It has been one of the best products that I've gotten so far and it has helped me change my mindset when it comes to writing and blogging. I think that this product is worth far more $7, but I'm so happy that Kristen created this product. Here are some photos of my progress while working through the Pre-Write Project.


What do you use for your pre-writing routine?