Setting Up Your Pinterest Strategy

Oh, social media. The bane of a vast majority of creative entrepreneur’s existence. It truly is a horrible addition to the ever-growing task list in a business owner’s life. However, we can’t ignore how important it is, which means we need to take an active role in learning and using them. Today, I want to help you with Pinterest. I’m sure you’ve heard many entrepreneurs swear by Pinterest. It’s evolved into quite the social media platform.

If you have no idea how to use Pinterest or if you’re of the mind that it’s only for older women who have all the time in the world to DIY a ton of projects, you seriously need to click this link. It’s a link over to Melyssa Griffin’s website and her course Pinfinite Growth. You need it. You’re welcome.


Accompanying Software

I won access to Melyssa’s course through one of her giveaways she offered. I was so honored and humbled to have won out of the 5,000 people who entered. I also won a free trial of BoardBooster, a software that schedules out pins. I know there are a ton of these types of software and the complaints I’ve heard about this one is it’s a bit cluttered, but I've enjoyed using it.

Here’s how BoardBooster works: you create an account and set a goal for how many pins you want to be pinned to your regular boards and when you would like them to be sent out. My pins are scheduled to send out three pins a day between the hours of 10am to 8pm during weekdays. You can determine how many you want to send out and the time range you want to send them out in.

Example 1

Example 1

Once you’ve figured out which boards you want to schedule pins for, how many you want to send out, and when, you can get to pinning. BoardBooster creates secret boards for every regular board you want to send pins to. (Example 1) To get them scheduled out, all you have to do is pin the image to those secret boards.

For instance, if I found a pin that I wanted to pin to my Event Planning board, I wouldn’t save it on the actual board. I would save the pin on the secret Event Planning board, in this case, named -Event Planning and then BoardBooster would send that pin to my regular board within the time and days that I set up. For every 500 pins you want to send out, it costs $5.


Back to Pinterest

If you haven’t already done this yet, set up your profile. Again, not sure why you wouldn’t have with everything I’ve listed so far, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. If you already have your profile set up or have been using it for awhile, check out this post to help you get your profile optimized.

When your profile is set and ready to go, it’s time to organize all of your boards. Again, shouldn’t be difficult to do this is you’re new, but if you’ve been using Pinterest for awhile, I’m sure you have a ton of boards. Click and drag them to put them in the order that makes the most sense to your business. There will be some boards that need to be transferred to secret boards. If you’re a coach or a consultant, you don’t need boards about puppies, cars, or crafts, unless you’re consulting/coaching about those things.

The first board I want you to have is your board. It should have your company name as the board title and should include all blog posts - multiple times, any pins of work you’ve gotten published, and any articles that were written about you. This is a board about you and your business. That is not to say it’s your personal board to add your family or anything like that. It’s all about promoting your business and your knowledge.

Your next four boards should be focused on what you provide or what you will be providing. For example, if you’re an event planner, your second board should include tips on finding the right planner, venue/vendor ideas, and anything else a client may be searching for. The third board should be for flower or cake or decoration ideas and tips. Then it goes on.

If you have a product, your second board can talk about why they need the type of product you’re offering, additional products that would make the customers experience better, and so on. These are all articles that other people have written. The reason why you’re creating these boards and pinning other people’s articles is to create an area of knowledge that your ideal client will want to hang out. It’s to promote the fact you know what you’re doing and you can help them.

Always remember: Pinterest is not a social platform - there is no social interaction going on in this platform. Nobody really messages each other, there aren't many comments being tossed about, and the purpose of Pinterest isn’t to interact with people. It’s a search engine that uses all of your pins on all of your boards as agents to get your profile in front of more eyeballs. That’s the name of the game with social media channels.

Strengthening Your Brand

Each one of your boards should have a board cover that reflects your brand. If your website/brand has tons of bright colors and white text, go to, create a pin that has your website and the title of the board. Click the plus sign in the top right corner of Pinterest and click upload image. Add a caption to it by writing it in under your image that pops up on the left hand side. Then add it to the correct board. I always go back to the pin and edit it, adding in my website to the pin. This way, if they click on the cover of each board, it links it back to my website.

I then go through all of my boards and make sure I have keywords in the description of the board. These keywords can be added in a list format or in full sentences - just add as many as relevant. Also, keep your board titles simple. You don’t want a someone looking for help with creating processes and systems within their business to miss you because you made up some name to add to your Pinterest board. Keep it simple, stupid - or KISS.

Now Start Pinning

That’s all for today folks. I hope you are able to take some value from this post and I’d love to hear how it affected your business. In the meantime, keep on pinning and don’t ever stop!

How did you benefit from this post? Has your following increased any?