Organize Your New Business


Hello my Bright and Happy People! Welcome to your new business. If you're reading this post, then you probably have either just decided you wanted to start a business and are looking for ways to do so or you have already started your business and are looking for ways to organize it more. I want to let you know that I am here to help no matter which situation you're in. I am going to walk you through how I set up each new business or rebrand that I go through and how to keep it organized. 

First things first, I buy our domain and set up our Gmail account. Having the domain allows me to set up a Google Apps for Work account that costs $5 a month and allows me to use my domain as my email address. Setting up this account is crucial to getting started for me. This is where I start to organize all paperwork, spreadsheets, and the emails that we encounter. 


Once I get our email account made, I set up my email. This is mainly where all of my business takes place and I make sure that everything is organized right off the bat. When I first get into my email, I make labels. I go into the settings, the little gear icon on the right hand side, and hit the labels section. I add in different labels that I think I may need. Big labels such as Calendar, Clients, Banking/Accounting are things that I add in almost immediately. This way, any time I have an email that has to do with anything about my clients, scheduling meeting, or has invoices or receipts, I add the correct labels and archive them into the correct folders. I make sure that I empty my inbox every week into the correct folders and it helps me keep this part of my business organized. 


Now, I set up my Google Drive. I create several over arching folders that I include sub-folders and organize everything. I have general folders that I always set up, which include paid projects, in-house projects, business structure, and marketing. The things that I include in paid projects is proposals, potential client communications, client work, contracts, and notes on client projects. Things I include in in-house projects are anything I do that I'm not getting paid for. Things included in the business structure are business meeting notes, accounting information (information, invoices, and receipts), tools, art work, logos, and anything pertaining to my business overall. My marketing folder includes things like social media (goals, stats, strategy, and images that I want to save), website information (copy, photos of layout, and images), account information (usernames, websites, and passwords).

Below is an example of what I'm currently using as my main folders. 


After you get everything set up in your Google account, start setting your other accounts up. Set up each of your social media accounts. Like I've mentioned in a few other posts and videos, I suggest you should sign up and get your bio, profile picture, and handle all set up for each social media channel. Save all of those passwords and usernames in a spreadsheet in your Google Drive. 

Set up your website or blog and get that ready to be published. I will be publishing a couple of posts on setting up your website and blog, but for now, do whatever you think is awesome! Create your marketing strategy for your social media posts. Then keep going! Make sure you create a system for everything that you are working on or want to working on. 

What do you struggle with organizing the most?