Ongoing Projects

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photo (4)

Confession: I am posting this super late at night. I should be doing homework and I should be getting other stuff done, but I promised myself that I would stick to a posting schedule. It is only the second week and this is only like my third post, but already I am finding it difficult to stick to my schedule. HOWEVER! I will not back down this time. I will finish something without waiting until the last minute and I will be proud of the work that I have put into it. This blog is going to be the start of that.

So now that that is out of the way, I wanted to let you in on a little secret: I am an overachiever. Not only that, I am also a procrastinator. This kind of sounds like they are at odds, but that is because they are. I am always looking for my next project to do, but I am not great at finishing projects that I start. Hence the trying to accomplish something without stressing out about it. Now, before you ask yourself why any employer may want to hire me, I did want to put the disclaimer in here (just in case any employer might be reading this) that I am an extremely hard worker and I know where my priorities lie. I know that the projects that I make up for myself do not go ahead of my school work or my job. I know that life and my relationships are much more important than getting notes on a webinar or reading an article. Above all, God and my health are more important than any of that. I have to be healthy and at peace/relaxed to be able to be at the best of my abilities.

So now that you got all of that mouthful, I wanted to give you an update on the projects that I am working on for March. I have a lot going on this month so bare with me if I get behind on anything.

Projects so far:

Wordpress for Beginners by Norbly (collaboration/taking the course - really great information in there)

Bright Colors Happy Things blog

My part time "actual" job

UCSD Bachelor Degree (1 more quarter!)

GMAT Test Prep

Home Renovation/Organization

Writing my Ebook "You Spent How Much On a Planner?!"

Getting back into consistent fitness and health habits

My writing

Creating my free Conquering Planner Overwhelm course

Working on grants for a Non Profit I am a part of

Looking for a full time job for after I graduate

Managing my Etsy shop (BrightnHappyColors)

Keeping up with different Facebook groups, including the one that I am Admin for (We Love EC Entrepreneurs)

Whew!! That is a lot of stuff. Just looking at it makes me want to pull all of my hair out and scream. Thankfully not all of it needs to be finished this month. I have time to make some of them my focus and priority and to put others on the list of things to do when I find extra time. Please feel free to ask me any questions about any of my projects. (Except the ones that ask me if I'm crazy - I'll refer you back to my About Me section for the answer to that question)