Newsletter Systems

We talked about beefing up your newsletter list a few weeks ago. It was a simple system that front-loaded your subscription numbers, but didn’t really give you those dedicated, ideal audience members. Now I want to talk about how to get around to sending emails full of value and content that is going to attract those members. If you get nothing out of this post at all, I want you to get this: your newsletter needs to be the most valuable thing you produce (aside from courses).

You want this newsletter to be so full of content that people want to come read it. They are literally refreshing their email every few seconds on the morning you publish it. They know when to expect it. They know the format you’re going to present it in. They know when you haven’t put the same amount of time in or when you are really passionate about that specific subject. You are literally known for your emails.

Why? Making your newsletters so packed full of value will make you known. It will help your brand become recognizable and it will help you sell more. You don’t have to fight for a sale when someone already believes that what you have to offer and say is incredibly necessary and they come to that conclusion by reading your emails.

If your branding permits it, give your newsletter a name! Add a mascot, use fun colors, or dress up your newsletters with doodles. Have fun with it! If your branding is focus on topics or products that have a more subdued tone and you want to lighten it, your newsletter is the perfect place to do it! There are many applications that a weekly newsletter can help with.

Write The Emails

I like to base my emails off of my editorial calendar. If I am posting a blog post about say creating Newsletter Systems (see what I did there!), then I’m going to write a newsletter about my first email, the fears that went with it, and how I got over them. If I’m writing a blog post about using Trello for business, then I’m going to write an email about being unorganized, how it’s impacted my life and business, and how I felt when I finally found something that worked.

Like I mentioned before, you have to add value to your post. I know what you’re thinking: how the heck to I add so much value to a newsletter that everybody knows about it and wants a copy? On top of that, how do I do it consistently, week after week? I get it - it’s scary as sh*t. Excuse my French, but it is! It’s a big deal to talk to people you don’t really know. It’s hard to try to not only connect with them, but also to inspire and teach them. It’s hard to know if you’re doing a good job or if you need to change some things.

My advice - just go for it! Admit all of these obstacles and resistances and then decide that you aren’t going to pay attention to them. Write out the email. Get someone else to write it for you - like me! Hit send on it. It’s not going to be as bad as you think. I bet someone will even respond saying thank you for providing such amazing content right when they need it!

The best way to provide that type of value is through stories and lessons. When you’re trying to explain something, use a story. When you want to share a lesson, send over a free video clip. If you need to go into detail, send along an ebook that explains the concept in detail, along with action steps and worksheets that can help. Do free hour long workshops that walk your audience through the concepts and steps you want them to take. Have a work date where you all jump onto a Google Video and work together. Do whatever you can to send them amazing, free work that is helpful and valuable.

When To Hit Send

It can be difficult to determine when to send these value filled emails. As many articles have suggested, timing is everything. Look at how many articles, videos, and worksheets were created just around timing on social media! Sending an email is much more important than posting updates on your social platforms and so that means that your timing should be on point.

Since I write my emails in conjunction with my blog posts, I normally send them right around the time they post. Now, there’s still a few decisions to make based on that decision: do you send it out a few days before the post actually publishes, do you send it out at the same time, or do you send it out a few days after it’s been published?

I like to do it around the same time. Both my blog posts and newsletters are scheduled in advance to be sent out at 7am on Mondays. It’s when I thought I could help the most people and it was a deadline that made the most sense to me and my life. I suggest you pick a day and time, work it into your schedule, and then stick to it!

A little disclaimer for you: do not send your emails at 4 o’clock in the morning. Nobody wants to have your email come in that early. Some people actually have alerts that go off and it disturbs their sleep to hear it go off. Trust me, if they get woken up at 4 o’clock in the morning because of a stupid newsletter email, you will lose them faster than it took for them to sign up. Besides, they aren’t going to read it that early. Send it out during normal hours. I would say aim for a range of between 7am and 8pm. That’s when people are checking and reading emails.

Use Your List

Anytime you need opinions or have questions about what direction you should take next in regards to growing your business, put it out to your list. Send them a survey that asks what they would like to see. Anytime you get mentioned in a news article or write a guest post, send it to them. Anytime you see something that they did, send it out to the rest of the list.

They are your followers. Gush over them. Promote them. Sing their names to everyone you know. They will return the favor ten-fold. They joined your list because they enjoy what you have to say. You did not trick them onto it. They are not forced to stay on it. You don’t want them to forget you so send them some emails! Don’t bombard them with emails every day, but once a week, get in touch with them. Check in and see how they are doing. Honor your audience and it will increase your business like you wouldn’t believe.