My First Job


Hello my Bright and Happy people! As I start the process of finding a full time position in the "real world," the amazingly patient people over at TheLadders mentioned something about writing about what my first job was like. I, being someone who loves to talk, personally thought this was a great idea. My first job really impacted my job search in later years. It was something that did make the cut for a while, but ultimately, it wasn't on there for long. 

What Was Your First Job?

Well, as it turns out I consider my first job to be working at the call center on campus of UC San Diego. I worked on and off for several years in my great-grandmother's restaurant and I did work a summer job right before college where I sold knives to people I knew, but I don't really consider those my first jobs. Why? Well both of those positions were either gotten by my family or were successful because of my family. I consider my first job the job that I got by myself and I was the only one that worked at it, with no help or push from  my family. So my first position was at a call center on campus. I learned a ton from it!

What did you learn?

I learned a lot from this position. I was there for three years!! I learned how to talk to people who don't actually want to hear from you. I learned how to be responsible for my own actions and how to set and complete targets. I learned how to keep track of myself and how to help others in a way that doesn't offend them. I have this tendency to sound really rude and mean when I talk to people and it's not something that I try to do, but it's something that happens frequently. This position helped me figure out how to work on addressing that. 

How Has It Influenced Your Job Search?

It actually influenced my job search a lot more than I thought.  I came to value my time after working so much at the call center. I don't take a position unless it is for more than what I normally earn. I am able to take the skills that I've learned there and apply them to jobs that I normally wouldn't get because I don't have direct experience. I only apply to jobs that I want to work at. I don't apply to jobs just because; I can be picky about the jobs that I apply to. I also learned how to apply to a job and actually get an interview even though I may not be the interviewers first choice.

Dream Job? Even On Your Resume?

Is this job my dream job? No, it's not even close to being my dream job. I knew that I didn't want to do it for the rest of my life, but it was a position that was steady and still gave me a lot to learn so I stuck with it for three years. The position was on my resume for several years, as I grew my work experience, but as I know have several jobs that I have worked in more recently, it doesn't make it onto my resume. I do whip it out from time to time to show that I do have those skills, but that's not very often.

Review + Action Steps

Here's where I give you a bit of review of everything that I wrote (mostly for those who just skimmed the whole post) and give you some action steps so that you can put this information to good use! So here are the following points:

  • My first job was never going to be my "only" job.
  • I learned a lot from that job.
  • The best skill I ever could have learned was how to market myself and the skills that I had.
  • I learned how to communicate.
  • First jobs are meant to suck; as far as mine goes, it wasn't the best, but I definitely could have gotten worse.
  • Don't complain about your job; take time to learn as much as you can and learn some marketable skills from it.

That's all for me today. I hope you found this post interesting and helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about anything below. Have a bright and colorful day! See you tomorrow.