Monthly Goals


Howdy Bright and Happy People! Today is the seventh day of July and my mind is blightly blown at how fast this year has gone by. My blog has definitely evolved quite a bit since I started this back in January. (For a look at my blogging journey so far this year, click here.) I want to start a new series and since I know you are all so smart, I bet you have already figured out that the series is about my goals for each month. At the end of the month, I will post a review of those goals; if I met any of them, how I approached them, what went right and what went wrong, and what I'm going to change for the next month.

So what are my goals for July going to be? Besides actually staying on top of my editorial and social media calendar, I have several categories I want to improve on.


  • I want my blog and social media stats to go up. Specifically - 
    • my Instagram account should have 350 followers
    • my Facebook page should have 15 likes
    • my Twitter account should have 40 followers
    • my Pinterest account should have 75 followers
    • I want 5 subscribers to my Youtube channel
    • my blog views should hit 650 users this month

All of this should be accomplished by the end of the month.

Couple Time:

  • My husband and I have both commented on not spending enough time with each other lately so we have made it a goal to spend couple time together by snorkeling at least once a weekend for the entire summer. I will keep you updated our progress.
    • So far, this past weekend (7/3-7/5) we went snorkeling twice for a total of about 6 hours.


  • If you have kept up with all of my posts on social media or a few of my articles on here, then you know that I was blessed to meet Stephanie from a few months ago and that I love everything about her brand, her message, and her personality. 
    • My goal is to actually find another blog buddy that I can either help or get help from so I'm not totally annoying Stephanie. She is on what seems like a very packed routine/schedule (my life goals) and while I love talking to her and getting her opinion, I don't want to throw her off her routine. Plus there's no such thing as too many friends!!


  • I am working on losing 10 pounds for this month. It seems like a whatever goal, but I have a really hard time losing any weight - mostly pounds, not inches - so I am going to really try to do this right. Eating right and working out everyday, including the snorkeling days, so that I am on the right track. Even if I don't lose 10 pounds, I will have lost inches and feel great, so in the end, I will be happier.

So these are my goals for the month. I don't really have too many because we are already a week into the month and I don't want to set myself up for failure in the first month I'm doing this. Look for my review post at the end of the month.

Do you have any goals for this month? What are you hoping to accomplish?