Marketing Your Blog


All of my Bright and Happy people, assemble!! Wanted to try a superhero type call today, because you all are superheroes of your business! I really feel like everyone of you has done such an amazing job crafting an online space and making room to accept clients into your life. I know how hard it can be to really get going when it comes to blogging and finding an audience. This is not to say that I've "made it" or even have all the answers. I just want you all to know that you're not alone in this and if you ever need someone to talk things through, please don't hesitate to come to me.

Anywho, on to the reason why you're actually here reading this post: marketing your blog! Being a small business owner can be difficult and now you have to add managing and marketing a blog on top of it? What if you are just starting your blog and that's your main site? What do you do then? It can be so overwhelming to figure out what your next steps should be. The length of a brain dump alone can make one want to quit while they're ahead. We are going to break down marketing your blog right here and now. It's going to be fun.

But Where To Put You?

Anyone get my Harry Potter reference? No? Moving need somewhere you can actually market your blog. Therefore, you need to start carving out a little slice of your blog online heaven. This means creating a website or blog, making social media accounts, and getting involved with groups and collaborations that may help increase your blog traffic. Don't try and do all of this at once. You need to create a game plan.

Obviously, you need a place to direct your audience. A lot of experts suggest getting your blog or website up and running first. I say yes, but maybe. Your website is very important. It's where your ideal client comes into full blown contact with you for the first time. You get to impress them with all of your knowledge, let them know how you can and want to help them, and potentially collect payment from those clients or customers who really believe in you and what you can do for them. Don't disregard this piece of your online home. However, I don't want you to feel like you can't do anything until you have this homefront created and perfect.

If you take that approach, you will never get a move on. Trust me! I never feel like my website is good enough. I am always looking for ways to improve it. I don't want you to throw something up that looks bad, but I don't want you to feel stalled because this isn't done. While you are working on making your website as complete as possible, start building up your social media presence. It never hurts to have a community online that can then move to your website for additional information.

As you build your social media presence and work on your website, make sure that you're also networking: on-and off-line. Join Facebook groups, Pinterest group boards, Twitter chats, local meetups, Chamber of Commerce events, and anything else that happens around you and your industry. Build up your references and starting getting a team together.

Building Your Brand

This next bit is all about working on getting your name out there. Start writing content for your blog, create videos, send newsletters, build content upgrades, and work on being consistent. When someone finds your social media accounts, blog, or is recommended to you by a friend, then they need to be able to see who you are, who you help, and what you are all about right when they get there. Don't make them work to find out about you - they won't come back. 

When you get someone to come to your website, make sure you have good helpful content on there! They want a reason to come back and learn more from you. Your voice is unique and they want to learn from you. Don't keep that from them! You may just change their life. Write articles, record videos, and include subscriber based bonuses - like the one below! - so that they are able to fully understand everything that you are trying to teach them.

Start doing guest posts. This way you get to address other people's audiences and hopefully persuade them to become part of your audience as well. If you want some direction on how to start guest posting, check out this article here. Make sure that you really put value into everything that you publish. You need to make sure that anyone who lands on your site has a reason for going back. 

After you build up your content and get everything ready for your audience to view, start talking about it. Don't tell people that you're a blogger - who cares about you writing a bunch of articles about your life? Tell people that you are a small business consultant that helps freelancers design their own branding or that you are a coach that helps support multipotentialites in determining the best course of action when building up a business. Doesn't that sound so much better than blogger? The words you use to describe yourself sets the tone for not only how other people see you and your business, but also how you see yourself. Make sure they are the right words.

Review + Action Steps

Here's where I give you a bit of review of everything that I wrote (mostly for those who just skimmed the whole post) and give you some action steps so that you can put this information to good use! So here are the following points:

  • Figure out where you want all of your content to build an online home
  • Get a decent website up and running - don't get stuck here!
  • Get as much content as you can up on social media
  • Start interacting with your followers
  • Start creating content! 
  • Write blog posts
  • Record videos
  • Take photos
  • Make info products
  • Guest post
  • Start spreading your knowledge, talent, and skill to your community

That's all for me today. I hope you found this post interesting and helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about anything below. Have a bright and colorful day! See you tomorrow.