Marketing: The Social Media Strategy

Bright and Happy People!! The wait is over! I'm so excited to FINALLY be writing this blog post. I've been planning this out for like a year. Obviously, it was pushed back several times. To be honest, I have had this eBook finished for the last few days and have been putting off publishing it and being officially launched because I've been terrified. I'm nervous about the response anyone is going to have in terms of actually reading the content. I'm making the assumption that no one is going to purchase this and so I'm using that as an excuse to try to talk myself into not launching.

Well, since you're reading this post, that means that I've decided to launch. It's been a bigger roller coaster than I could have imagined. I didn't do the whole content plan that I originally wanted to do, I haven't included all of the additional subscriber bonuses that I've thought of, and I probably have missed a few things, but what I've written has been created from my heart. I wanted to create something that was easy to read, helped go over the basics and get business owners to move forward, and something that I could proudly say "Hey, I made this." 

What Is It?

As I mentioned briefly in the intro and several times on social media, this is an eBook. It is an eBook that covers your social media strategy in terms of your marketing. It is an eBook that helps small business owners, bloggers, and freelancers figure out how to actually create a social media strategy, start building an audience, and not feel so stuck when looking at the big picture of marketing. It's a book that I am proud of completing. It's a book that I am going to be continuously updating and expanding upon, as it is my first published product and I want to give as much value as I can.

Who Is It For?

Small business owners, freelancers, and bloggers is the main audience. However, if you are trying to build a community for any reason whatsoever, this book is useful. When the concept of marketing was first introduced to me, I was paralyzed. I understood the concept and I knew what it meant, but I didn't know how to go about "marketing." When the focus is on creating and testing products, serving clients, and making sure that the business is running smoothly, marketing is the last thing that you want to take time to figure out.

Marketing:The Social Media Strategy is already figured out for you. This eBook is such an easy read, with clear cut instructions and two subscriber-based bonuses coming your way after confirming completion, that upon receiving your copy, you could pass it off to a virtual assistant or intern and have them take care of your marketing in the social media realm. 

Sold! How Do I Get It?

Right here! I've included the Buy Button for you to add to your cart just off to our right. Just click it, complete your purchase, and your copy will be sent directly to you for download! How easy-peasy is that?