Keep on Truckin'!

Keep on Truckin'
Keep on Truckin'

Hello my Bright and Happy People! Today I want to talk about positivity. Now I'm going to be honest - and I did mention this in the previous Happy Things Thursday Post - but I had a really horrible week last week.It got really bad as the week progressed. What made it even worse was the everyone around me also had an equally, and some possibly more, bad week. It got so bad that I had a glass of alcohol Wednesday night. If you know me, you know i can't stand the taste of alcohol so that means that it was a pretty bad day.

Well it is finally the start of a new week and I could not be celebrating more! I am going to shake off the bad feelings and start this week off right! I know that the world is not a fun place to be in without positivity so I need to constantly remind myself to remain optimistic and to look at the bright side of things. That being said, I did eat my fair share of ice cream, soda, and candy to cope with my week. I am starting off this week with a nice long workout and some healthy smoothies. I am going to try to make this the best week ever! My goal is to do everything that I said I was going to do.

I realize that nobody is perfect and I can't do that forever, but I want to make this week a kind of template for what a "perfect" week would look like for me. I will be posting updates throughout the week - make sure you keep an eye on my Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook feeds for more updates and day to day interactions. I want to do the best I can this week: go to all of my classes, go to work every day and on time, get all of my to-dos done for the week, make dinner each night, and keep up to date with my listers gotta list challenge and my cleaning tasks for the week. I have already missed one class, but I know that this week can only get better from here.

I want to let all of you know that while life can get hard that remaining positive and refocusing your view is the most important thing you can do when you're trying to build a business. However, there is no shame in admitting that you had a crappy day and that you just need a glass of alcohol to keep you from having a full on break down. I personally believe that people are too busy trying to "remain positive" and end up stifling everything that they feel. Don't forget to have one or two days where you blow up and just let your raw emotions go. Don't forget to take care of yourself and have a "bad day." Once you take the time to let out your emotions and have that bad day, keep on truckin' (like how I put the title in here?) and readjust your focus back to being positive.