J.Lynn Design Planner Pages Review


Hey all you Bright and Happy People. I hope that you have enjoyed the content that has come through this week. I spent a six hour car ride this past weekend working on these posts for you and I have to say - again, prepping my blog posts really gives me a chance to give you as much content and value that I desire and you deserve. Today’s post is going to be a review of the lovely Jenna’s blog and meal planner pages. Jenna was kind enough to offer a copy of her Refresh Weekly Planner pages before hand and I was slacking during that time and missed out. I reached out to her, very late, and she graciously offered a copy of a section of her new Revive Lifestyle Series. She offered me the choice of the blog planner section, meal planning, workout, and Christian Devotional. I chose the blog planner and meal planning sections. 

First Impressions

I want to talk about my first impressions of the sections overall. She sent me two beautifully designed PDF documents that I could download and use. The design encompassed a whole 8 1/2” x 11” sheet of paper. Half of the sheet was Jenna’s beautiful logo with the blurb about how to contact her and where to cut to be able to fit it in a personal planner. On the other half was the dotted line box that included the very clean and slickly designed planner, whether for the blog or meal planning. Upon first seeing it, I actually thought it was very simple and something that I probably wouldn’t use very often. I am very fleeting with things like this and there wasn’t much color to keep my attention. 

I decided that I should at least use them for a week or two, as Jenna was kind enough to allow me to experience them. I printed off a few copies of each planner and whole punched them into my binder. Then I forgot about them for about a week or so. I went back and actually filled them out and started to use them to help plan out my week. I did really well with them and got all of the content that I planned for that week out on time. I did the next week and the same thing. I tried another week and I still was able to keep up with everything. I couldn’t believe it!

Meal Planning

I want to talk about the meal planning section first. This is something that I have consciously been trying to work on each week. I just started a new full time job and as such, don’t have much time to cook every night. I use these sheets to help me decide what we are going to eat each day of the week, figure out what we need to buy to actually make each of the meals (and thus, cut down on the grocery store trips that we normally take everyday and helps cut my budget down), and a section where I could add notes and jot down any meetings or time sensitive things that are going on each week and might impact our dinner time/plans. 

These planner pages have helped me plan out meals in advance, thus decreasing the stress of finding something to make every day, help cut down my grocery budget, and allow me to spend less time stuck in the kitchen. I was very thankful to be able to use these planner pages. They are definitely a resource that I am going to be using every week. My boyfriend also loves them, as he is able to figure out what we are having, pick up anything we may need, and even cook it if I get too busy that night. There’s no guessing. I love them.

Blog Planning

So this is the section of planner pages that I was most excited for. I really wanted to get my blog organized and start bringing more valuable content to my audience and this was a way for me to do just that. I added the title to each box for the day of the week and then made sure that I had gotten all of the promotional content ready for it. I used these sheets to help me prepare prompts for the next week and keep everything on task. I used these sheets until I had no more room left on it. 

Each day of the week has a check box for drafting the post, creating imagery, and scheduling the post. There is also a check mark for every social media platform that the post can be shared on. At the bottom of the week, there is a section for the newsletter, accompanied by a check box for drafting a newsletter, creating imagery, and scheduling the newsletter. There is also a couple of lines for any notes that I want to add for the week overall or if I want to film a video and write notes on it. 

Final Thoughts

I am in love with these weekly sheets. They have increased my productivity, decreased my spending, and has made me incredibly effective. I’ve never been more organized, nor have I enjoyed the process of creating content more than I do now. Jenna is an amazing designer and I can’t thank her enough for letting me test out her new planner. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of these sheets, click here. That’s all for today. I hope you all have a bright and colorful day!