Hosting my First Webinar

Hello my Bright and Happy People! If you have checked in with me on any of my social media lately, you are probably aware that I participated in my first live webinar on Friday. Stephanie from and I hosted this and showed you how to switch your blog from almost any site over to SquareSpace. Hence why I'm on SquareSpace now. I wanted to layout what I've learned from it and how it has helped me change my business.

Follow along as Nora Conrad and I walk you through Switching to Squarespace. Bear with us, as this is our first live webinar.

This webinar was kind of thrown together at the last minute. Earlier in the week, Stephanie informed me that she moved her blog over to SquareSpace. She is the fabulous designer who created my original site and she is the reason why I have a logo, a design, and basically everything that you see that could be designed was done by her. (If you need anything done for you brand, here is how you can look at any past work she's done and find out how to hire her:

I have past experience with SquareSpace, having had a previous website on it. I was very new to Wordpress and that is why I had to lean on Stephanie's experience and knowledge to get my blog up and running. Moving to SquareSpace, I am now able to make minor design changes that I might want to try, but don't have to bug Stephanie for every little change. She still is able to help me keep my brand and design consistent, but isn't responsible for every single part. 

So at the start of this week, we both agreed to switch my site from to SquareSpace. Then, in the middle of the week, Stephanie suggested that we record me switching over my site and make it into a webinar so that others could walk through it with us and learn from our process. From then, Stephanie worked on the graphics, and everything that you saw that went out promoting the webinar and I played around with SquareSpace some more to reacquaint myself with the software. 

I've learned a lot from this webinar. I've learned that it is always best to prepare ahead of time. This is kind of common sense, but we really didn't have much time and didn't know what exactly what to prepare for. Now that we have one done and published, we know what to expect and how to prepare. I learned that practicing before hand really helps. We used Google Hangouts a few times before the hour started and we were able to learn how it worked and what was the best. We even were able to add those super cool tags with our names on it!

Working with this webinar was very awkward, it was super clumsy, and in no way smooth, but I have never had this much fun and I have never wanted to do another webinar so soon. I started taping videos for my own Youtube channel, but this was so much easier and fun! I want to encourage everyone to not be afraid to try something new. This will only help me propel my business forward and really help me make a name for myself. No matter what the final product is, this, in no way, can hurt my business because I am learning new things, connecting with people on a different platform, and really putting myself out there. 

Have you found tried something new, scary, and thrilling lately?