Guest Posting


Thank you, all of my wonderful Bright and Happy People, for joining me today. Things have been getting off to a rocky start, but today we will be talking about a subject that many are perplexed on: guest posting. I have been a guest poster for several blogs and am always looking to work with more. If you would like to see all of the other places that I've been featured, please click here.

Why Guest Posting Is a Good Idea

Why should you guest post? You spend all of this time writing and working on your own blog. Why should you have to write extra for someone else's blog? I'll tell you why: because it's a really good idea! Writing a post for someone else's blog not only relieves some of the work load that that blogger must do, but it also gives you a chance to spread the word about your blog.

How many times have you clicked on a link that takes you to someone else's blog, because they were either mentioned or wrote a post for someone else? I know I've done it. I love to find new people to follow, things that I should try, and new information and so, I click on that link that is included, most often, in the biography at the bottom of the article and go to that website.

You are able to establish yourself as an expert in the eyes of someone else's audience. You are able to put your content and your knowledge to good use to help educate people that you normally wouldn't be able to reach. You are able to use these guest posts to market your new product or service.

Disclaimer: DON'T write a guest post solely for the marketing. If your article only talks about what you offer, then not only will you lose your guest audience, but you'll also lose the connection of working with that blogger. It's not worth it! Make your post meaningful, valuable, and helpful. You'll get so much more back from that.

How to Get Started Guest Posting

This can be a bit of an obstacle when you're just starting to work on guest posting. How do you start finding people to work with? What do you do if your audience isn't very big, isn't active, and doesn't really stick around? These are all valid concerns, however, I want to leave you with one piece of advice: don't panic. 

It actually isn't very hard to start guest posting. The best way to get your foot in the door and actually get experience posting for other blogs is to reach out to your community. I posted in a couple of Facebook groups that I'm a part of and I was able to get about 10 different opportunities to guest post. Some of them included regular columns too! (I'm still working on some of those posts, which is why they haven't been included in the Catch Me Elsewhere page)

Once you've exhausted your Facebook group option - which is probably hard to do, since new people are joining all the time - move on to your social media channels. Ask your audience if they have a blog and if they are looking for guest posters. Ask them to leave a link to their blog or website for you to check it out. 

Who To Write Posts For

While you may receive a ton of interest from your network about guest posting, I don't recommend that you write a post for just anyone. Remember, the whole purpose of guest posting is to increase your audience, establish yourself as an expert, and hopefully get some sales, if all goes well.

You can't accomplish all of that if you're writing posts on topics that you know nothing about. It also would be a waste of time to write posts for blogs that are not focused on your topics. Who wants to read about marketing strategy plans when they are on a food blog? Nobody! Then, why would I want to guest post on a food blog with business posts? 

The same goes for you! When you guest post, make sure you're guest posting where it will count the most. Make sure that you are reaching out and connecting with the audience that will help you and appreciate the effort you put in the most. Don't be afraid to be a bit stingy about who you write posts for.


Since I know a lot of skim everything, I wanted to give you everything that I just wrote in little bullet points that you can read easily.

  • Guest posting is good
    • You're able to increase your audience and grow a relationship with bloggers
    • You can promote your products or services
    • You establish yourself as an expert
  • Reach out to your network and community for guest posting opportunities
    • Try Facebook groups
    • Reach out through your social media channels
    • Always be on the lookout for opportunities
  • Write posts for people that will enjoy them
    • Don't write for just anybody
    • Make sure that the blog is in line with your niche
    • Connect with the right audiences