The "Why" Behind My Business

Running a business is hard work. As many of my blog posts have alluded too, there are a ton of different aspects that are part of running a business. As everyone who has wanted to learn a bit about being an entrepreneur, you've heard this statistic: Nine out of ten startups will fail. It isn't a favorable outlook being a part of this industry. It's a lot of hard work and to be honest, it scares me. I'm sure it scares other people from time to time too. 

Not only do we have these outward issues to deal with to make sure our businesses don't close, but we also have issues inward. It is not regularly spoken about, but a lot of entrepreneurs deal with issues in terms of mindset. Being home alone for many parts of the week can have a big effect on their mind. Many entrepreneurs struggle with loneliness, lack of communal and familial support, and even depression. It isn't hard to see the effects of running a business start to take a drastic negative toll on a person's body and mind.

Why Run a Business?

If all of these negative internal struggles are so prevalent in small business owners, why would anyone want to start their own business? I mean it's hard enough trying to figure out the business side of things. Taking on making sure you're mentally stable as well seems like it would be too much. Running a business doesn't seem worth it then.  

If this was the opinion of even half the business owners in the world today, then we would have missed out on some truly amazing things. Thankfully, business owners are stubborn and they rarely listen to what they're supposed to be doing. These amazing business owners are so passionate about what they do they ignore every single thing that could be interpreted as a sign from the universe telling them to abandon their path. Running their own business is their passion. Making the world a little bit brighter with a bit more positivity is what keeps them working. 

Find your support

If you peruse Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, there is a plethora (I've always loved that word) of motivational images. There are posters, videos, and articles that give advice, pump you up, and serve as inspiration. All of that is great - for awhile. There will come a time when they won't do the trick. You will need to find something more - something with sustenance. 

The best method to finding something with more sustenance is to figure out why you wanted to start a business in the first place. You didn't just wake up one day and decide that you were too relaxed or that you didn't have enough to do. There is a reason behind why you decided to do what you do. There's also a reason why it's that specific thing and not something else.

I have found that crafting a mission statement is the best and most comprehensive way to express your why. If you need any help getting your mission statement started, check out this article. If you really are stuck, feel free to reach out to me! (I live for this kind of stuff.)

My why

If you checked out my launch post, then you know that I crafted my own mission statement. If you haven't read it and probably won't (don't worry, I've been there too), here it is for you:

To be transparent, relatable, and consistent, in an effort to inspire, educate, and encourage others; to create a space that encourages compassion, love, and a high value of kindness.

Now I aspire to create a space that you want to come to. I don't claim to be an expert at everything or even at all thing. I do, however, claim to be your biggest cheerleader. Helping people is what I do best. I'm motivated by my relationships and the people that I meet. That's why this blog and business has morphed so many times - I wanted to help everybody who came along in everyway that I could.

Now, I'm focusing more on me and what I like doing. I am still wanting to help people, but I am focusing on doing it in ways that I enjoy and am good at. Now if you want to know my motivation for creating a business, it's because of these two guys on the right. They are my life and I am doing all of this for them.

That being said, I have always been someone who couldn't imagine life without running a business. I love the work that goes into it. It gets me excited and really fires me up! 

Action steps

Craft your mission statement. Figure out why you really want to start a business and what your motivations are. Use that mission statement to promote the values you believe in.

When you get your mission statement crafted, revise it! Your priorities always change and that means your mission statement will change. It may not be a big change. It may only be one word out of the whole sentence, but one word will make all the difference. Remember everything you do should support your mission.  

Why did you start your business?