My Dream Office

Hola all you Bright and Colorful People! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and will continue having an amazing week. Today's post is going to be a little bit different, but I'm really excited for it. As freelancers, bloggers, and business owners, we have a lot going on at one time. We need to be focused, effective, and motivated as much as we possibly can be. These feelings can be honed, reinforced, and strengthened by the environment that we are frequently working in. These are our home offices, local coffee shops, and shared spaces. I want to share with you what my dream office would look like if money, space, and the strange looks from my boyfriend weren't in the equation.

So to start things off, I want to show you what my desk would look like. I am a nut when it comes to hoarding things, so I want something that has a TON of cubbies, desk area, and storage space. I like to have everything around me when I'm working and not have to get up to go get or find something. Samantha of Happily a Housewife has this desk and ever since then, I have drooled over it! I just LOVE how amazing it is. This would be my craft/planning desk, since you all know that I love to create and make things. The price is $250 for those of you interested. This is called the South Shore Crea Collection Craft Table. It comes in White, Chocolate, and Natural Maple. How awesome are those color names? 


Now, we have my dream craft desk there, but I am actually starting to try to implement a new strategy that was suggested to me by one of the many amazing ladies that I follow (cyber-stalk. What?): one desk is for technological tasks, tools, and use while my other desk is for creative pursuits. This is to help you focus on what you're doing and not let technology, the constant ding! of notifications, and just the annoying concept of multitasking invade your creative and imaginative space. 


In terms of that, my second desk would be a bit more sleek, modern look. We actually already purchased this desk for the boyfriend, but I would probably steal it back from him as he has his own desk/office set up that he wants to get. Here is my technology-designated desk.


Now that we have those done, lets move to what I consider the most important piece of this office: the chair. Why do you think the chair is the most important part of the office, Kaylee? That is such a great question, you amazing reader. I think that my chair is super important because it is what I'm going to be sitting in for most of the day and I want to be comfortable. Who wants to be working and uncomfortable? Ugh! Anywho, my chair would be something comfortable, but with a lot of support. I also have a typically high resting body temperature so I want something that isn't leather and won't get sweaty or sticky. 

I want my office to be bright, happy, colorful, and full of lots and lots of white light. I am hoping to create a whole filming/photo corner that I can take some wonderful photos and better video with. I want shelves that I can stack and store things that I make. I want beautiful and motivating artwork to be hung on the walls. I want splashes of color everywhere! 

At this time, we are in an apartment with a roommate and I have a desk that is built into the wall and not a lot of space for storage. I can't wait to get my own office! I have so many ideas that I've started building a Pinterest board specifically for things that I want my office to have/look like. Feel free to check it out! 

What is your favorite item in your office?