Creating Your System


Hello my Bright and Happy People! I wanted to get your opinion on this new content schedule. I'm not sure if you are liking this set up more or if you would like me to go back to posting every couple of days. Let me know in the comments below or feel free to email me!

Back to our regularly scheduled program. Today we want to talk about creating a system. This can be so difficult, confusing, and just plain overwhelming when you're trying to figure out how to deal with clients. When you are coaching, consulting, or meeting with clients for another reason, you need to know where to start them, how to end it, and everything in between. You do not want to walk into this without knowing exactly how you are going to take your clients from looking for service to wanting to shout your names from rooftops because you were so great. 

Let's get started shall we? We first want to figure out how the heck our clients are going to get a hold of us. Will they email you or send you message on social media? Probably both, but let's just say that you LOVE email and that it is super organized and you get your jam on there. What do you do when a client messages you through social media? Here's a hint: tell them to email you!! You want to be comfortable with the way that they contact you and you want to be able to keep track of their inquiries. 

So you got them to email you their questions and what they are looking for, what next? Will you have them fill out a questionnaire to find out exactly what they want? How long is that questionnaire going to be? Do you want to hold a 15 minute discovery session with them to decide if you two will work well together? Are you going to just take on any client who offers to work with you? How are you going to take them from your discovery session to actually wanting to work with and pay you? How will you be collecting money? 

There are so many questions that need to be answered and you need to really answer them all. Don't take the "it doesn't really matter what comes next as long they pay me" approach. First off this is so unprofessional! Secondly, you want to transition your customers smoothly from phase to phase. They will thank you for it and your stress level will not have to be involved. 

So now for you actionable to dos - I know how much you all love these. Research all of the tools that you could possible use for your system. Whether it be using 17hats, Asana, Trello, or even just using your Google Drive, you need to know what tools work best for you and your clients. Do your research! Don't just pick one because it looks pretty. You need tools that work with you - not you to work with your tools. 

Once you have done the proper research, create a workflow of your system. Start from when someone inquires about your services or products. Do several different workflows for each way they could possibly contact you and then move forward from there. Doing all of this work now will save you some headaches and the feeling of panic when a client contacts you and actually wants to pay you for your services and you aren't prepared for it.

What does your workflow look like?