Coworkers, Clients, and Crap.

Coworkers, Clients, and Crap
Coworkers, Clients, and Crap

Hello my Bright and Happy People! I want to talk to you today about some things that have been weighing on my heart and mind. I am in a situation where I have a part-time job that pays (most of) my bills and then I go to school full time and now, I consider this blog and everything that goes along with it, my other job. That being said, I have to deal with a lot of individuals. I am also a part of several Facebook groups that have members who are freelancers, designers, or own their own businesses and I hear about their experiences with all the individuals they interact with on a day-to-day basis. That being said, I have come to the conclusion that when you have to deal with other people, you will be dealing with a big ol' load of sticking crap.  Don't get me wrong. I love people and have actually met some really great friends from my online communities and generally like the people that I come into close contact with on a day-to-day basis during work or school. However, with the amount of personalities that are out there, I was bound to find some that I just couldn't connect with and still others that I purely disliked. Unfortunately, there are some co-workers that I am having to deal with that seem to enjoy making everybody else's time there miserable. I have also heard from others in my Facebook groups that they are dealing with clients who are making their time miserable.

I want to say this: "Cause the players gonna play, play, play/And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate/Baby I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake/Shake it off." (yes I did just reference Taylor Swift and her new'er' song Shake It Off - don't judge me) It doesn't matter what you do. It doesn't matter what you say. It doesn't matter how you treat these people. They want to make your time there miserable and nothing you do or say will change that fact. So shake them off. Ignore them. Don't be mean to them, but don't go out of your way to be nice or do anything that they wouldn't do for you. Instead, focus your positive energy to those who send it right back. Go out of your way for those who would go out of their way for you. These are the type of people who are worth your time.

Remember to nurture the relationships that will give back and make you feel good about yourself and what you are doing. If you have already found those relationships, comment below and say thank you to those people! I'll start: THANK YOU to Stephanie, Russell, my mom, and Jim. You all have helped me immensely and have really pushed me to improve myself. I am a better person because I have met all of you.

Your turn! <3