My Blog Cover Sheet


Hello Bright and Happy people! I presented this sheet to a few Facebook groups that I'm a part of and everyone was so supportive and enthusiastic about it that I was excited to write this post. I want to go over everything that I've included in it, why I made it, and how its been helping me. I also am including a template! Just sign up for my newsletter and your very own cover sheet will be sent to your email. Whosh! The power of the Internet. 

Why did you make a cover sheet, Kaylee and what is it?

Well, as I've mentioned, I am a very visual person. I need things in front of my face or written down where I can review it multiple times for me to be able to remember something. I wanted to keep my goals easy to reach, but not have to dig through every sheet and document that has each of these goals spread out everywhere. I wanted a simple, condensed version of all of my goals and projects. I wanted a cover sheet. Ta-Da! Like what I did there?

What did you include in this magical cover sheet?

Ugh, I just love all of these amazing questions you guys! How did you all become so smart? Well, I include my yearly goals for my blog's big picture, my monthly goals which I update every month, products that I am working on developing that month, any clients and client work that I'm doing, projects that I'm doing in-house or for myself, my finance goals that I want to hit, and my social media goals. Its got the month and my link at the bottom and my logo at the top. I have slipped this into the front pocket of my binder and am able to look at this every single day.

Has this been helping you? If so, what kind of magic is this?!

Anyone catch my Harry Potter reference there? If you did, yay! Points for you Glen Cocoa. Sorry, I just can't help myself. These movie references are just too much fun! Okay, okay, back to business. Has this cover sheet been helping me? Yes! It actually has. I actually made this first cover sheet for the month of October since I made it in the middle of September (I like to start things fresh) and I have already surpassed my social media goals for that month. I am almost done with two of the projects that I've included and have been quickly meeting my goals for guest posting, client work, and launching my products. Its kept me on task and focused on what I want to do and how to do it. 


I highly suggest that everyone make a cover sheet and keep it where you can easily see it everyday. I don't mean up on a board where you will glance at it and only review it every once in awhile. I mean keep it tapped to your desk, in a binder that you carry around, the background of your computer, a reminder that pops up on your phone every few hours. Keep it in front of your face as much as you possibly can. This is the only way that I know of to keep my mind constantly working towards things that will positively influence me! 

Okay, okay, now I know at this point you're like 'Kaylee if you could just stop talking and give us the template for this already, that'd be great.' Well, have no fear! Your template for the cover sheet is just below here. I want to tell you how I created this though. I'm not a designer and I didn't use Adobe or any program like that. I used Google Documents. That's right, that free, easy to use feature that comes with your free Gmail account. It was super easy, and I LOVE the result. So go to file -> scroll down to make a copy ->  a copy will land in your Google Drive.