Business for Beginners

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I am an entrepreneur at heart. I love making things and sharing them with the world. I have no idea what exactly I should build a business around nor do I truly know what my passion is, but I have been starting businesses and trying to build a following since I was little. I may not have known it at the time, but starting a Babysitter Club, trying to get a Dance Camp off the ground, and wanting to get paid for taking calls and scheduling meetings and showings for my mom's real estate was all a part of learning how to start a business. When I met my boyfriend in high school, he took me further into the business world. We both started a few businesses and tried to expand our reach around our small town. He was always the one who started the businesses and was the one who would talk to other people and reach out with the business. I was the one who would do the paperwork and get the business set up and structured. So you could say he was the people person/face of the company and I was the back end.

I changed that last year. I started a business called Brain-Dead Brownies. This is something where I was the one who was doing the talking and being able to be the face of the company. Don't be fooled for a minute though: I was still doing the paperwork and the business structuring, but that was what I enjoyed so I didn't complain too much. That company is sitting in limbo right now. I have no idea whether to push forward or just let it go. It has a large amount of potential, but my heart is not completely in it.

What my heart has turned to is the "Planner Community." Now, this is something that I get made fun of almost all the time for, but I am so happy to have found this community. I have been working towards learning about the different rules and things that everyone else already knows. I love that I have my own company and I definitely don't want to be a quitter, but I know that my heart lies somewhere else. As of now, Brain-Dead Brownies will still be up and running - something my boyfriend is striving to keep alive(I think it's just because he really likes my brownies ;P) - but my focus is in this blog, my planner community, and starting to express and expand my crafty side.

Now on to the valuable part of this article! I can't just write an article without giving you a lesson to learn - by product of being in school for so long - sorry! My lesson is this: it doesn't matter how many businesses you start, it doesn't matter if you think you found THE thing and then it turns out it actually isn't THAT thing. What matters is if your heart is truly IN it and you wholeheartedly love what you are doing. You could start a hundred businesses and not have your heart in any one of them. Starting and even letting go of a business is not quitting!!It is an AH-mazing opportunity to learn more about the business world. So take  the leap, start something that scares the bejeezus out of you.

You can never fail, you only have opportunities to learn and do stuff differently.