Using Holidays to Your Advantage: Even When You Don't Have Anything to Sell


Hello my Bright and Happy people! I am so happy to be back full force. It is the beginning of the new year and I am so excited to start it off fresh. This post is coming a little bit later than I had originally planned, but since we still have quite a few holidays to get through, I thought that it would be relevant just the same. We are going to be discussing how to use holidays to your advantage, even when you don't have products to sell. 

When it hits holiday time, it seems like everyone starts having some kind of sale, while at the same time dashing to and from places in an effort to buy everything that has been placed on sale. It can be hard to know how to take advantage of everyone being stuck inside because of the cold when you don't have anything to sell to them. 

Maybe you don't want to turn your blog into a business and therefore aren't going to be offering any products. Or maybe you are in the process of developing products, you just won't have them ready in time for the holidays. Don't worry! You don't have to miss out on the valuable traffic that comes from colder weather. 

Publish Relevant Blog Posts

If you are in the process of developing your products, you will want to make sure that you have posts that are relevant to what is going on. If it's Christmas time, publish a post that talks about the best gifts for bloggers. If you are going to be launching your product in January, make a Christmas post that talks about why your product is the best holiday gift of all. 

I know that can be kind of hard to understand and I always work better if I can see some type of example that was worked that way. So here's your example: I am going to be launching an ebook in the middle of January. It is called Marketing: The Social Media Objective. It is all about creating a marketing strategy around social media and making sure that your social media game is strong.

To promote it and get more traffic to my blog during December, I would post a series talking about preparing for the new year, finishing out the year strong, pre-ordering my product as a gift for the holidays, and perhaps giving away a month's worth of free social media posts for those that opt into my newsletter. This way I am building an audience of interested and targeted individuals. 

Have a Christmas Chat

Have you made a few close blogging friends? I know I have! Arrange a webinar where you all sit down and talk about what you hope to get for Christmas, how you each have prepared for the new year, and what you were proud of doing this year. You could even get creative and send Secret Santa gifts to each other and open them up during the broadcast!

Give away a few free opt ins, such as a walk through guide of how to put together their own Christmas Chat, a guide of planning New Year's Resolutions, or even something that you all put together. You all will be helping each other build each other's audiences and will have a great chat as well! 

Guest Post Like Crazy!

It is the holiday time. As entrepreneurs, we all struggle with taking time for ourselves and our family. We are so passionate about our work! Approach several people early on for the chance to guest post on their sites. This way, it will give them the ability to relax more during the holidays and you are able to write them out before your holidays. 

Not only will you be helping ease someone else's workload, you will be able to boost your traffic to your site. Now, make sure that you follow the suggestions that I have lined out here in this post. You don't want to make a lackluster guest post that leaves your host's audience asking themselves why you were ever allowed to post in the first place! Give it all you got and make it some of the best work that you can. It will be worth it.

Review + Action Steps

Here's where I give you a bit of review of everything that I wrote (mostly for those who just skimmed the whole post) and give you some action steps so that you can put this information to good use! So here are the following points:

  1. You don't need products to benefit from the holidays.
  2. Publish relevant and traffic boosting posts.
  3. Schedule a chat with some awesome business/blog friends and invite everyone to join.
  4. Guest post like crazy.
  5. Schedule everything out!

That's all for me today. I hope you found this post interesting and helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about anything below. Have a bright and colorful day! See you tomorrow.