Beef Up Your Email List in 20 Minutes

We’ve all heard about the importance of having an email list. We all understand how an email list works: they give you their email address and you add it to your list and then you send out emails every so often about blog posts, products, and such. Got it? We all on the same page? Great. What we’re still working on is figuring out how to build up our email list.

It takes a ton of effort to get our email list to build up. It’s not something that will happen right away. If you want some awesome tips on how to build up your email list or what to actually send to your list, check out Melyssa Griffin, byRegina, or Chalene Johnson. All three of these amazing women are experts in helping you build your list with solid, ideal audience members. The strategies they have can help you with actually building a steady and useful list. Follow these women.

Now, that being said, it can be disheartening to try and send out emails when you have a small list. I know, I only had a list of about 12 for a year. I didn’t send any regular emails, because I didn’t think it mattered. I am here to tell you that it does. Send out value filled emails. Use this time to work on the formatting and actual presentation of your email campaign before you build up a huge list. Call it a practice run, a testing phase, or your “do things horribly” era, whatever you want, just make sure you use it wisely.

Beefing Up Your List

I know we’ve all read those posts, usually titled Get 1 Million Subscribers in 30 Minutes or Less or something less subtle, but this one is going to be kind of like that, but with more value and less sketchy, gross tastes left in your mouth afterwards. I promise it’s not a sales pitch and it has nothing to do with anything sleazy - unless you yourself make it sleazy. By the way, don’t make it sleazy!

My list was at 14 people before I tried this. At this very moment, I’m at 138. Using this technique, I went from 14 to about 152 in about ten minutes. No, I’m not lying and no, I didn’t have to use any money to do this. I just used the connections I already had to beef up my email list. Check out what I did below.

The Technique

To beef up my list, I pulled all of the connections I have through LinkedIn and added them to my list. I am going to show you how to do it in a minute, but stop and think about it. How many people does that add to your email list? 100? 200? Do you have the 500+ icon on your profile and have that many people who are sitting around not able to get the amazing value you've been providing? Can you do the same with your Facebook contacts?

How To Get It Done

LinkedIn has this awesome feature that allows you to export your connection’s information. If you don’t want your information to be able to be downloaded, then you need only not include it in your profile. You may still want to keep your information available. While you may be added to someone else’s list, you can always unsubscribe and it gives your clients the ability to get in contact with you, easily and quickly.

Continuing on, maneuver onto your connections page. From that page, click the setting wheel in the upper right-hand corner. Then if you look on the right-hand side, it will say export LinkedIn Connections. From there, export your contacts in Excel format or .csv. If you’re like me and you use Google Drive for the majority of our work and don’t actually have Excel, don’t freak out. You don’t actually need to open the file. You just need to upload it into your email management software.

Speaking of your email management software, go get it open! I’m currently using Mailchimp, but I know many people use ConvertKit. Open it and upload your contact list. I actually created a second list for only these contacts. I’ll explain why in a bit, but I recommend you do it this way. While uploading, make sure your categories all match. In Mailchimp all you need is their name and email address, so make sure it all lines up.


Once it’s been uploaded, you have now officially increased your email list. See how easy that was? I want to come back to the reason why we separated this list from your main one. So nobody skips this immensely important information, I’m bolding it. disclaimer: If you use this technique, you MUST tell your list who you are, where you got their information, and give them the ability to opt out, easily and quickly.

Send them all an email stating all of the above information and let them know that if they haven’t unsubscribed within a week, they would be added to your main list. They still have the ability to opt out even if they get added, but you wanted to give them the opportunity before you started bombarding their email inbox. If you are interested in a copy of the email I sent to my list, please feel free to download it below. If you found this post and download to be valuable and helpful, subscribe to my newsletter to get even more.

How Did This Technique Work for You?